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Biomass Fuel Supplier

Making Biomass Work


We sell a range of biomass products from wood pellets, wood chip, dust, bagged wood pellets and much more.

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We offer a bulk blown delivery service for wood pellets. We offer delivery for wood chip, bagged pellets and dust.


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Biomass Heat Works! is the voice of the UK’s biomass (for heat) industry delivering a clear message to Government; to create a tailored, fit-for-purpose heat decarbonisation policy specifically for rural off-grid properties that better (and fully) supports biomass wood fuel as the most suitable heating solution.

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Service Area

We deliver ENplus A1 wood pellets in bulk blown deliveries from Pembrokeshire to Penzance, Liverpool to London. The map gives a rough guide of our delivery areas. If you think you might be just outside our area, give us a call, we may still be able to help you source your biomass wood pellets.
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What is ENplus?

ENplus is principally a European  certification that specifies and categories the quality standards of wood pellet fuel, superseding that of the original CEN 14961. The aim of this standard is to create uniformity throughout the wood pellet industry ensuring product quality, traceability and customer confidence. 

ENplus A1 is the highest available standard for quality.

The UK Government has realised there is a shortage of wood pellets in the market currently due to supplies from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine not entering European and UK markets. In response to this shortage, the UK Government has suspended the need for ENplus standards and BSL requirements for 12 months. We know that if you put substandard fuel into a boiler this can result in mechanical issues and poor output. We also want traceability of where our pellets originate to ensure they are from sustainable, FSC managed woodlands. Pellets not needing certification have limited traceability.

The temporary suspension ends on November 23rd 2023.

Rules have changed from the 1st 
April 2022 concerning new woodfuel quality requirements.

To find out more please click on the 

ENplus & your fuel...


01437 761320


01437 761320


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