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Biomass Heat Works!

With the weather feeling slightly cold today- we have been thinking about the impending autumn- even though we don't feel we have had summer yet! This has turned to thoughts of stock levels, the UK's ability to be self sufficient with energy and what the Winter season will look like this year.

Biomass Heat Works! is the voice of the UK’s biomass (for heat) industry delivering a clear message to Government; to create a tailored, fit-for-purpose heat decarbonisation policy specifically for rural off-grid properties that better (and fully) supports biomass wood fuel as the most suitable heating solution.

There is a huge misconception that the biomass for heat sector is the same as or aligned to the larger industrial markets which feed into the big utility industries (eg power stations). It is not. Biomass for heat is a UK-driven market with positive localised benefits that allow homeowners and businesses, often in rural or more remote locations, to use low carbon energy (heating) instead of fossil fuel (eg oil, LPG, coal). With more Government investment and support, the biomass heat industry could create a self-sufficient, UK-led market that encourages growth (eg new wood pellet production facilities) and jobs creation as part of net zero efforts.

We offer Woodchip, Wood pellets and log biomass boilers through PBESCO LTD, Visit the website to review the different boiler options and brochures.

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