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Pellet Price

As many of you are aware inflation is currently very high with products especially energy rising significantly. This is the same for biomass wood pellets. Usually the UK pellet market is made up of roughly between 30% - 40% pellets supplied from Russian sources. These have not been available in 2022 due to the War in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia by western countries including ourselves.

This has led to a shortage of wood pellets within the European and UK markets, which in turn has led to an increase in the price. With rising production and delivery costs, and a shortage this has meant the pellet price has increased roughly by 100% currently. We do not know what the coming months supply or cost looks like. We are advising customers if you can fill up your pellet stores now, to do so.

We are not scaremongering - this is the current situation. We think it wise that people know what to expect when they come to order their wood pellets- rather than waiting for you to place an order in October and not of factored in that pellet prices have also risen substantially.

We are trying to give people time to plan ahead before the winter- to make allowances for this extra expenditure.

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