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Summer End

Congratulations Abigail Tebutt on winning the pellet fired BBQ! We are definitely having the weather for it currently!

This Summer has been unusually busy for us with clean outs and continuation of pellet deliveries due to the mild weather. It appears that summer has finally hit us here in Wales, coinciding with the first day back at school!

We would like to introduce our new team members, Nathan and Stuart, who have joined us in the positions of HGV Pellet operatives. We have had a shuffle around this summer, with Andy taking up a new role as Logistics Planner. Most of you will of had your pellets delivered by Andy previously.

We look forward to visiting more customers over the next few months as the cooler weather moves in.

If you need to place an order for bagged or bulk wood pellets, please call 01437 761320 or email

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