Greenflame Bags

ENplus A1 15kg x 66 = £258.00 excl. VAT. OUT OF STOCK

Blazer Fuel Logs

£4.50 per bag excl. VAT.

Offer for tonne.

Wood Chip 

G30 or G50 Wood Chip.

£115.00 per tonne excl. VAT


Storage Guidelines

EPC Storage Guidelines

CM Verdo Bags

ENplus A1 10kg x 100 = £265.00 excl. VAT. OUT OF STOCK

Wood Chip Dust

£40.00 per tonne excl. VAT.

Over sized Wood Chip

£50.00 per tonne excl. VAT


ENplus A1 10kg x 98 = £260.00 excl. VAT.

Wood Pellet Dust

£85.00 per tonne excl. VAT

Bulk Blown Biomass Pellets

ENplus A1 Wood Pellets.

Competitive prices.